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[NIGT FOCUS Vol.1 No.4] Strategies for Implementing the Global Methane Pledge in the Agriculture Sector

Publication : 23-11

조회 : 133

Author : NIGT

Author: Gayoung Choi, Jooyeon Moon, Moon Jung Kang,  Eunkyung Jang(NIFoS), Esther Sekyoung Choi(WRI)

1. Summary

2. Introduction

3. Global Methane Pledge

4. Global Policy Landscape for the Methane Reduction in the Agricultural Sector

5. Assessing the Progress and Challenges of Global Methane Reduction Projects in the Agricultural Sector

6. Accelerating Investments for the Methane Emission Reduction in the Agricultural Sector: Korean Case Study

7. Polict Implication to Promote Methane Reduction in the Agricultural Sector


Center for

Strategic Planning

  • Presonnel in chargeYu Youngjae